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Our Online Physiotherapy Appointments and Programs are designed to look after you.
We have the expertise to provide solutions for those injured and in pain all the way through to wellbeing and performance.

How Universal Practice Virtual Physiotherapy Works

Tell us about you

Our science based online assessment ensures we understand your specific needs and objectives.

Receive your tailored solution

Our physiotherapists and evidence based algorithm will recommend a personalised programme or series of appointments designed to achieve your clinical outcomes.

Begin your online treatments & programs

Begin your healing by accessing Virtual Physiotherapy Appointments, Rehabilitation Programs, Strengthening Programs, our Body Mapping Technology and more through your app.

Continuous and circular care

To ensure holistic and uninterrupted healing we provide access to our physio chat at any time, stretching and release protocols, and meditations to utilise as and when required. Book additional physio sessions whenever you need them, or progress your programs as you feel better.

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Private Health Insurance and
Third Party Rebatable

Reduce your out of pocket cost

Body Mapping Technology

Using the camera on your computer or mobile device, our cutting edge proprietary technology provides real-time diagnosis of your unique injury or condition with unprecedented accuracy. This allows treatment to be personalised and progress to be monitored – ensuring better results.

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Your Own Physiotherapist
In Your Pocket

With 24/7 support and care, tracking, logging, education and advice the benefits of your treatment last far beyond a traditional appointment.

We're Backed by Industry-Leading Health Experts

Australian Physiotherapists are world renowned in their dedication to evidence-based and patient centred care. We have searched our country to pool expertise from our top sporting clubs, hospitals, private practices, universities and healthcare systems to create treatment plans and programs designed with your future goals, ambitions and needs in mind.

With over 150+ years clinical experience you know you are in safe, trusted and highly competent hands.

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No Waiting Rooms.
No Stick Figure Excercises.

With Universal Practice Virtual Care the power of your healing extends beyond the traditional treatment room.
Virtual Physiotheraphy
In-Person Physiotherapy
Anytime & Anywhere
ON-Demand access
Clinical matching
Continuous and circular care
Measurable outcomes, tracking & logging

Physiotherapy as a Lifestyle Choice, Not a One Time Event.

No matter where you are at in life, healing or performance, under our circular model of care, there is always a place to be.

Our patients are those that are injured and in pain looking to settle symptoms and begin healing, elite athletes looking for a competitive edge and retirees wanting to keep up with their grandchildren.

At Universal Practice we understand that your body (and life) is in a constant state of motion - from rough to smooth, chaotic to calm and injured to healed. Through our interconnected approach we celebrate the power to change and the ability to heal, to move forward in a completely connected way.

The trusted solution for movement related
pain and conditions.

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Our team has over 150 years combined experience in Physiotherapy 02
A holistic focus on our patients 03
AHPRA registered profession 04
We follow Australian Guidelines in Evidence-Based Medicine 05
Private Health Insurance and Third Party Rebates 06

Hear from our Community

Living on a farm, it's been literally life-changing to have access to Universal Practice post natal program, as I know I'm doing what's best for my body, with professionals I can trust. Thankyou!

The Universal Practice App helped me prepare for the marathon whilst managing an on-going archilies tendon. I was able to train through with the advice and program of my physio, and not just make it to the start line but clocked my best time ever!
I've struggled with lower back pain for a while, and never really been able to find anything that helps. I found the online physio with the exercise program easy to follow and what's been missing in my treatment to-date.